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Kilalanin natin ang RA 9208

Discusses general information on trafficking and the salient features of the Anti Trafficking Law (RA 9208); 32/ 31/30 pages; 2004; Php 50.00; written by Lawyers of the Women’s Unit with Charrie Calalang and Jean Enriquez. It also has Waray and Visayan editions.



Primer RA 9262 Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act

Discusses RA 9262 and its features through question and answer form, including the procedures laid down by the Supreme Court; 38 pages; 2006; Php 100.00; written by Lawyers of the Women’s Unit. It also has a Filipino and Cebuano edition. In cooperation with the Al-Mujadilah Development Foundation and the Asia Foundation, the primer now has four more translations in the following Moro dialects: Tausug, Maranao, Maguindanaon, and Yakan.


Paralegal Manual on Violence on Women

Compiles all the reading materials for the paralegal training course, with shortened presentation of laws and procedures that can easily be understood by non-lawyers; 150 pages; 2005; Php 200.00; It also has a Cebuano edition.



Piercing the Veil of Corporate Fiction

The difficulty in identifying who the employer of a particular worker is often complicated by the legal fiction that corporations have a separate and distinct legal personality from that of its shareholders. “Piercing the Veil of Corporate Fiction” is a brief pamphlet discussing the general rule and exceptions to this rule; Simple and easy to understand; Contains diagrams and flowcharts; 46 pages; 1995; Php 50.



10 Karapatan Ng Mga Manggagawa



Presented in brief, simple to understand Filipino, 10 Karapatan Ng Mga Manggagawa focuses on 10 basic rights of workers under the Philippine laws; Simple and easy to understand Filipino; Contains diagrams and flowcharts ; 50 pages; 2001; Php 50. It also has a Cebuano edition.


Manual ng Manggagawang Paralegal

Ito ang kaisa-isang babasahin ukol sa Labor Code at karapatang manggagawa na madaling basahin at intindihin. Illustrated ito at updated sa bagong batas at kaso. Updated with DO 18-02, 40-03 and 53-03; Presented in accessible, easy to understand Filipino. Contains diagrams and flowcharts; Contains sample forms such as affidavits; 245 pages; August 2005; Php 300.



Saligan Batas Paggawa

While cases decided by the Supreme Court form part of the country’s legal system, the fact that they are written in complicated English makes them inaccessible to many Filipinos. This is very true in the case of labor where many workers affected by jurisprudence are unable, by themselves, to understand the effect of these cases to their everyday lives. SALIGAN Batas Paggawa bridges this gap by presenting select cases decided by the Supreme Court in simple, easy to understand Filipino; Presented in accessible, easy to understand Filipino. Illustrated Every six months.; 25-30 pages; Editions covering 2001 to 2003 cases are still available; Php 50. Contains new laws and a glossary of terms.



Local Special Bodies and the Accreditation of People’s Organization & Non-governmental organizations




A primer designed and published for local organizations who are interested to be part of the Local Special Bodies; 39 pages; August 2001; Php 25.00; authored by Atty. Irish-fe Aguilar/ edited by Atty. Marlon J. Manuel.



Pamamahala at Pakikilahok: Isang Panimulang babasahin


A primer on the local government code ideal for organizations and communities interested and involved in participatory governance; softbound, in Filipino; 148 pages; First Publication 2000, reprinted 2003, latest edition 2007; Php 180.00 regular price, Php 150.00- for partner organizations and individual.



Local Housing Board Primer

Everything you wanted to know about the Local Housing Board; Discusses the proposed LHB Bill in Q&A format; Php 50.00.



Urban Poor Updates

A compilation of recent Supreme Court rulings (digested) on urban poor issues, plus recent laws & administrative issuances concerning the sector; Digested cases & full texts of laws and issuances 56 pages; October 2005; Php 50.00


Primer on Eviction and Demolition

Q&A format; printed in october 2006; Php25.



Batas NIPAS (RA 7586)

NIPAS Act of 1992 is considered to be one of the more important law on the protection of the environment. This primer on NIPAS is designed to guide people's organizations in their struggle towards environmental protection. The primer contains pertinent provisions of the NIPAS, administrative orders and memorandum circulars. 34p. With application form and certification of membership in PACBRMA.




A Primer on Local Governance and Fisheries

The primer focuses on Fisheries and Local Governance. It reviews the concepts on local autonomy, devolution or transfer of certain powers and responsibilities from the national government to local government units. It also looks into revenue generation under the present system that provides opportunities for LGUs to undertake fisheries management as a viable option for development. A collaboration of SALIGAN and NGOs for Fisheries Reform (NFR) and OXFAM HK. 26p. May 2009.



Manwal para sa Paralegal ng Maralitang Taga-Lungsod

Matapos ang ilang taong pagpapanday, ang Manwal para sa Paralegal ng Maralitang Taga-Lungsod ay ay naisa-aklat na. Ang Manwal ay inaaasahang makakagabay sa mga Paralegal at mga advocates ng Maralitang Taga-Lungsod para makamit ang inaasam na seguridad sa pabahay. Nilalaman ng Manwal ang mga mahahalagang batas tungkol sa pabahaygaya ng UDHA at CMP, mga kasanayang pamparalegal gaya ng affidavit making, traditional property laws at procedural laws. 2008. 181 pages. Php 200.00.



Manwal ng Paralegal Laban sa Karahasan sa Kababaihan

A reader friendly but comprehensive reference for advocates working to address violence against women and children. 2009. 247 pages. Php 200.00.



Labor Standards




Labor Standards (Bikol Version)




Family Code




LSR Primer